Are you an overachiever? Do you want to be the best? Are you someone who wants to get things done perfectly? Do you believe that you are responsible for doing everything right, and if you don’t handle everything, things will fall apart? You want to be happy and you believe you will be after you complete this one task or milestone, and the next milestone, and the next one?

Eventually life catches up with you and you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and you get burnout! You are feeling paralyzed and you don’t know how to get moving again. Don't know where to start. Sending out one email seems incredibly challenging. Your to-do list is miles long and everything is due yesterday. IF you do start an item on to-do list, you don’t finish it because subconsciously, you are afraid of completing that task because of what could happen if you do (whether it be success or failure). 

After you peel back multiple layers, you realize that you’re afraid of where you will be after achieve what you think you want. You have fear holding you back because you’re afraid of the change and the unknown even if it will lead you to the success, happiness, career, the love that you say you want. Your mind is subconsciously sabotaging you by keeping you where you are.

I have spent thousands of hours over 10 years trying to learn tools to help me get unstuck, get out of overwhelm and burnout and eventually from all my research and learning from the leading experts and pioneers in everything that has to do with the mind, body, emotions, spirituality, soul purpose, I finally managed to release, let go, and live a happy life regardless of what curve balls come my way.   

I have created and compiled a wide variety of tools and tricks to help you to overcome YOUR stuck and step into CLARITY, MOTIVATION , PURPOSE, and MOMENTUM. Step into the best version of yourself and be UNSTOPPABLE!

I have been through hell and back multiple times!

I have gotten up each and every time and learned from each of my falls and failures, using them to level up and each time I became STRONGER, MORE CONFIDENT, A BETTER VERSION OF MYSELF, and ready to TAKE ON THE NEXT CHALLENGE that life throws my way.


You CAN and you WILL get from:

Overwhelm to Clarity;
Hopeless to Unstoppable;
Paralysis to Action Surge;

Fear to Love!

Ilona has been a featured speaker on

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